FUT 21 – Festival Of FUTball Introduces Preview Packs

FUT 21 – Festival Of FUTball Introduces Preview Packs

FUT 21 preview packs are a Festival of FUTball feature that allows players to see the contents of a pack before buying it.

FUT 21 Festival of FUTball comes with new item cards, activities, and a new game feature. We are talking about preview packs. These special packs are available starting June 18th. You will find them in the store exclusively during the Festival of FUTball event. The randomness of FUT 21 packs was always a controversial topic among the players. You know in advance the type of items that are included in the packs but you cannot know for sure what cards you will pull from them. Preview packs work differently. Players can see beforehand the items inside. They can also choose if they want to pay with FUT 21 coins or FUT coins.

How FUT 21 Festival of FUTball Preview Packs Work

The contents of a FUT 21 preview pack are revealed before making the purchase. This is the opposite of how FUT 21 packs normally work. After seeing the contents of a pack, players can decide whether to buy them or not. Preview packs can be bought with FUT 21 points or FUT 21 coins. We’ve already mentioned that preview packs can be acquired while the Festival of FUTball event is running. In fact, they are the only types of packs available from the store during the event. You cannot buy normal packs. When the event ends, the preview packs will disappear from the store and the normal ones will take their place. Packs that are obtained as rewards from playing game activities, such as Squad Building Challenges or Division Rivals, will be normal packs. Preview packs are available only from the store. FUT 21 preview packs offer players a never seen before opportunity. Buyers can see the actual items included in the pack and choose to buy them or not. Players also choose the currency. FUT 21 preview packs have names similar to normal packs. However, they don’t work in the same way. Preview packs have a noticeable eye-like icon under their name. An option called Preview Pack is also available. Click the button and the pack will open before your eyes. It’s like opening a normal pack for which you’ve already paid. The difference is that now you actually see what you get for your money. Just like normal packs, preview packs may have duplicate items. These work exactly the same as in normal packs. Players welcomed this new feature. We hope that preview packs will return with another event.

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