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Regardless of this, Miko does her finest to ignore the existence of ghosts and tries to live out a normal high school life. High school pupil Miko Yotsuya has the unfortunate capacity to see horrifying ghosts and spirits that haunt her and the people around her. Cute High Earth Protection Membership LOVE! Ultraman Ginga S Ultraman Ginga Ep 16, Dark Lugiel Ep 15, 16 Ep. Saitō, Tamaki November 15, 2014。. It started serialization online by way of Kadokawa’sComicWalkerwebsite in November 2018, with seven tankōbon volumes launched up to now. On 7 August 2018, Muse began distributing full episodes of the collection on YouTube to fight piracy, beginning in Taiwan. Fuji Television lists the sequence premiere at 24:Fifty five on October 5, 2022, which is effectively 12:55 a.m.

Miyuki-chan, The Girl Who Can See Them, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tomoki Izumi. The manga is licensed in North America by Yen Press. A fortune teller who ran a spiritual business that Yulia frequented typically, whereas it was open. While attempting to keep away from Zen and the ghosts haunting him, Miko accidentally encounters Yulia consuming alone in the bathroom. The following day, Miko tries to eat breakfast with her family, but how large ghost appears around them. She then goes about her day, now having gotten accustomed to seeing ghosts and ignoring them, though she still wonders how and why she is immediately able to see ghosts. An after-credits scene reveals she will now see ghosts via television broadcasts, as well.

At the hospital, Zen reveals to Miko that he is attempting to look for a criminal who has been attacking cats. It’s Mushoku Tensei Official Merch later revealed that he takes care of cats because of an incident throughout his childhood, as a result of a poor relationship together with his mom. Miko suspects him of somebody who abuses stray cats. Miko and Hana’s schoolmate who, like Miko, can also be able to see ghosts. Kyousuke does not see any marks like hickeys on her physique and relaxes further when she says she does not have a boyfriend. She could be very fond of a local fortune teller and is dissatisfied when she closes her enterprise. She offers up the business after Miko visits but is interested in Miko’s talents.