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Where to watch Jalsa movie

 Now it is simple to watch Jalsa movie and to stream online at the Aha OTT app. This Telugu comedy movie was directed by Trivikram Srinivas and released in 2008.

Jalsa was produced by Allu Aravind. Power Star PawanKalyan, Ileana, and KamalineeMukerji, Parvati Melton also Prakash Raj played the lead roles in this movie. The combination of Trivikram Srinivas with PawanKalyan has two all-time blockbusters films in Tollywood, Jalsa and AttarintikiDaaredhi. Add this JalsaPawanKalyan movie to your list of online movie watch.

 Watch Jalsa movie by downloading the Aha OTT app

Genre: Action Comedy

Duration: 163 minss

Language: Telugu

Watchable devices: The movie is available to watch on all supported devices.

 A cast of the Jalsa movie

 Stars: PawanKalyan, Prakash Raj, Ileana, Kamalini Mukherjee, and Parvati Melton.

Direction, Dialogue, Story, Screenplay: TrivikramSreenivas.

Producer: Allu Aravind.

Music Director : Devi Sri Prasad

 Watch Jalsa, a complete action-comedy entertainer.

Power star who comes from a remote village, where people need to travel miles by walk to meet their daily needs, overcoming all the struggles. Sanjay(PawanKalyan)

grew up to be a jovial young man.

One fine day he falls in love with an innocent girl dramatically. She was the same

girl whom he saves from the antagonists. There are very good comedy tracks

With Pranav(Brahmanandam)  and Sanjay’s friend troop, which provides good entertainment throughout the film.

Everything was going fine in Sanjay’s life until the main antagonist turned up his way. Who is that antagonist? How is he related to Sanjay? How did the story end up finally?

Reasons for watchingJalsa movie now!

  1. It’s inevitable that Power Star PawanKalyan is a major asset of the movie, and he is back with a bang.
  2. Trivikram marks thought-provoking dialogues are the main highlight of the movie, which people enjoy thoroughly.
  3. Devi Sri Prasad has provided a blockbuster album as the songs are trending all over, especially the title song ‘KaroKaroJalsa’.
  4. The lead actress Ileana and Parvathi Melton had performed exceptionally well.
  5. Comedy tracks with Ali and Co had provided good entertainment to the audience.
  6. Tollywood Superstar Mahesh Babu gave his voice over for this film
  7. Songs lyrics by SirivennelaSeetharamaSastry
  8. Musical hit songs, catchy dialogues, and comic sequences.

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No doubt PawanKalyan’sJalsa is a superhit Telugu movie which has chartbuster songs, massy scenes, catchy dialogues, hilarious comedy scenes, which makes Jalsa a must watch Telugu movie.

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